Why We Plant The Plants in Blueboots Farm

In order to understand the reasons why we plant the plants at Blueboots Farm, we first need to survey the characteristics and environment factors at the location. Blueboots Farm is located in the heart of Cijeruk, next to the alternative road leading to Sukabumi. Elevation at 450m above sea level and the soil is examined to be latasol. Latasol soil is soil that is rich in iron, alumina, and silica and formed tropical woodland with great humidity and high temperatures.

These information alone can give us some ideas of what can grow well at Blueboots Farm. Mainly, the crops that grow well are sun-loving crops that can withstand high rainfall. At Blueboots Farm, we always strive to work with nature, thus growing crops that is easily supported by the environment without much human intervention. This too will save us lots of labor and infrastructure cost!

Since our first pilot plants of 30 Genovese Basil, we have since then experiment with planting about 25 varieties of crops. It is by trial and error that is the sure way to know what grow best at Blueboots Farm. Also, a good tip is to ask locals around about what is good be grown in the area, they’ve been there done that!

It takes time and patience to learn the surrounding we are placed in. It also takes killing many plants to know that it cannot grow well at where we are. It always amazes our team how well a certain crop grow if it our place is well-suited for its growing condition. With little effort, the plant flourishes to fat and happy plants.

Do keep a lookout on pictures of the crops that keep appearing in our Instagram and Facebook. It is most likely plants that can grow well in Blueboots Farm 😉

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