Welcoming Butternut Pumpkin

Butternut pumpkin, which is known in some places as butternut squash, can be utilized in so many ways from roasting to incorporating it into sweet dishes like muffins. Technically, it is a fruit, but because of its versatility and wide range of usage, butternut pumpkin is very popular as an ingredient for cooking.

On top of that, this type of pumpkin is not a very fussy plant to grow either. They like to have their soil kept damp, which is not much of a problem during the rainy season, but definitely we need to keep an eye on them when we are growing them in summer time. At the farm, we built a strong trellis for the vine to grow over. This way, we save space and it’s easier for us to keep track of their growth because sometimes it can be tricky to see what’s underneath those massive leaves!

Butternut pumpkin is a great source of fiber and complex carbohydrates and also high in potassium, niacin, beta carotene and iron. They will fully grow in 110-120 days until they are ready to be harvested. In the meantime, we are watching them closely to make sure that the pollination process between the male and female flowers are happening naturally. Otherwise, we might have to do manual pollination, which should have been the task of those bees at the farm.
Stay tune for more updates about Blueboots Farm’s butternut pumpkin and hopefully we will be producing some fat and healthy pumpkin!

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