Ploughman’s Lunch

What did you have for lunch today? When we are at the farm, we love to have lunch with our farmers and share some food. Most of the times, our farmer’s wife will bring them food to bring to work so they don’t have to go far for lunch. A spot under a tree is usually the perfect getaway spot to enjoy lunch time with fellow farmers. Lunch is simple. It usually involves rice with protein like tempe or tofu. There are usually pepes and some home-cooked veggies such as cassava or papaya leaves as well to accompany. Lunch is more of a time for our farmers to enjoy the fresh air and chat.

Did you know that we have a plot of land dedicated to feed our farmers? Usually our farmers will take home the plants they can harvest from this dedicated plot to feed their family. Let me tell you, although the farmer’s lunch looks simple, but it is some of the best food that we have ever had for lunch. And probably it is because all the hard work that they have done too 🙂

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