Peanuts Workshop Flashback

Last weekend was when we held our first Open Farm: Peanuts event at Blueboots Farm. The participants gathered at the post-harvest building and were greeted with our farm-made edamame milk and sweet potato fritters to kick start the day. After a short briefing, we then got our farm boots and hat on; we were ready to explore the farm.

First thing on the track, we visited the vegetable plot where the participants got to know more about what’s growing at Blueboots Farm. At the plot, everyone got a chance to pick up some salad leaves, aromatic leaves and edible flowers which would be made into our lunch salad and farm-style spring roll later on the day. Everyone was busy picking, smelling and harvesting the abundant vegetables from the land.

After gathering enough harvests and sending them off to the kitchen, we got going to the sweet potato plot. The sweet potato fritters from breakfast got them interested to plant sweet potatoes on their own at home. Sweet potato is one of the main crops of Blueboots Farm. It grows so well with the soil and weather condition of Blueboots Farm. Everyone enjoyed Sam’s way of telling the stories behind growing these sweet potatoes and asked lots of questions about growing them at home.

Next, we moved on to the star produce of the event. It was the Blueboots home-grown peanuts! This time, we got our farmers – Pak Andi, Pak Petrus and Pak Dahyat – to show the participants how to plant peanuts. Everyone participated in the planting process and took turns to help, from the youngest to the oldest participants. Little adrian was busy planting the seed to each hole his father created. While the ladies watch under the shade of the saung, the men were hard at work under the hot sun. Getting a taste of the farm life.

It was midday and we sat together at the saung to have lunch. Fresh vegetables which were harvested this morning joined us at the lunch spread. We had a good rest and ready for our next session.

Next up is planting session. During this session, everyone learned about the components of soil and creating their own potting mix. Everyone was able to plant their own baby chili, baby eggplants, baby mint and baby lettuces to bring back home. This event concluded the Open Farm event. Soon after, rain started trickling down and we ran back to the post-harvest facility to enjoy the wedang jahe fresh made from the farm.

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