Our Seasonal Products at Semasa di Kota Tua

We are still at Semasa di Kota Tua this Saturday and Sunday! Come on, meet us there. We have our seasonal product with us: Honey Peanut Butter + Chia and Spiced Rosella Jam at a limited amount.

Passion Fruit at The Farm

This passion fruit tree is growing healthily at Blueboots Farm near our resting shed. They will be ripe sometime soon and ready to be scooped out!

Blueboots Farm at Semasa di Kota Tua

Once again, Blueboots Farm will be at Semasa di Kota Tua. Come and join the fun with other exciting local brands!

Please refer to the following map for location details:

Corporate Event at Blueboots Farm

Did you know that you can hold a corporate event at Blueboots Farm? Sure it will be different from your normal corporate events, but it surely will be a memorable one. We are open from group activities, team building and workshops if your company is keen to expose the team to nature, farming and farm-to-table lunch. Contact us on samantha@blueboots.farm to find out more.

Blueboots Values: Sustainability

We are mindful of the environment. We minimize human footprint to the environment by being mindful to the farming and processing methods we implement.

Farming Factors

While in general, crops are easy to grow in Indonesia’s fertile soil, there are still a couple of factors that affect the growth of crops. Few of those factors are: climate, including the amount of sunlight, rain, temperature, humidity and wind; soil condition; pests; and choosing the right plants to grow.

Exploring The Wild Side

The wild side always hides a thing or two that made us want to come back for more. In the forest by our farm land, there are trees such as durian, cloves, teak and other trees waiting to be discovered. We love to bring our guests to the forest as it brings a pleasant surprise every time we came there.

A Healthy Yet Satisfying Snack

Our Farm-style Mixed Chips are vacuum fried so they keep the natural color and taste. That’s why you will find our chips to be vibrant in color without any coloring additives. Not only that, these chips also maintain their natural flavor that you can enjoy through the different varieties of local sweet potatoes that we mix in the product. They are satisfying yet still healthy for everyday snacking!

The Original Farm-style Mixed Chips

The Original Farm-style Mixed Chips is like nothing else! It contains various kinds of sweet potatoes, mixed in natural herbs to create an umami flavour with a bit of tang to it. Remember that it’s always in stock on our web shop if you are craving for a healthy snack.