Blueboots Farm at Sunday’s Best

Sunday’s Best brings out the best of what the town has to offer (and some from out of town too).

Held at 1/15 Coffee in Gandaria, this event is a delight for Blueboots Farm to join in. Along with other local farmers, crafters and talents, Blueboots Farm will present the best from our organic farm produce. Lots of excitement not to miss for sure this Sunday.

See you at Sunday’s Best between 9am-12pm!

Sunday’s Best
1/15 Coffee
Jl. Gandaria I No. 63
9 AM – 12 PM

Knowing Samantha in 3 Questions

Rise and shine!

This morning, we chatted with Blueboots Farm’s founder, Samantha Gunawan, to find out more about why she ended up in a farm while a lot of women her age would not even want to spend too much time under the sun. Read through to find out how Samantha started Blueboots Farm and the challenges she had.

What did you study, Sam? Does it have anything to do with farming?
I studied Industrial Engineering at Purdue University for my bachelor’s degree.

Tell us your first encounter/experience with farming.
My first encounter will be going to Nafi’s farm at Cisarua and for the first time seeing, touching, smelling and tasting the plants right off the ground and not from the supermarket or on a plate. It was a rousing encounter that got me curious on where our food comes from.

Why did you start Blueboots Farm?
I started Blueboots farm because I was just dying to learn and experiment on growing. I knew that the best way of learning to farm is to start trying. I started right away and it has been a roller coaster ride since then, trying to figure things out and sometimes doing things from scratch. Definitely I encountered lots of trial and error in the process.

Although Samantha did not have a background in farming, she has been very keen in learning, trying and getting her hands on the process. To know Samantha further, you can always email her on She would be more than happy to talk if she has got no soil in her hand.

Blueboots Farm Product Coming Soon!

We are currently popping some ideas for our next product. A twist to a favorite movie snack, an uplift to Indonesia’s local produce. You will be able to get this healthy snack this Sunday, so stay tune!