It’s That Time of The Month Again

Our #netflixandchipschoice this month: Rotten 🧟‍♂️ Discover the unsavory truths and hidden forces in the supply food chain that shape what we eat. You’ll need some fresh chips with you on this one.
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Tearrific Leaves

Can you guess what plant this is? They grow wonderfully in elevetion 2100 to 2700 meters above sea level and are great for lowering cholesterol and reducing risks of cancer! #BluebootsFarm#WholesomelyLocal

Wholesomely Local Peanut Butters

If you don’t already know, Blueboots Peanut Butters are made with our very own local and wholesome ingredients. Love your body and know what you eat!
Pictured above: Blueboots Dark Choco PB (Roasted Organically Grown Blueboots Peanuts, Tabanan Bali Dark Chocolate, Organic Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil, Kusamba Bali Sea Salt.) #BluebootsFarm#WholesomelyLocal

Wild Valentine

Happy Valentine’s day from our farm to you! Picking wildflowers in the farm for our loved ones today 💐.
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Monday Blues

Our kind of Monday Blues! Had a blast with a group of Japanese students on a cultural trip learning to build a sustainable world 🗺.
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Rainy Grounds

Did you know the rainy season is the perfect time to plant hardy wood plants such as fruit trees, wood trees and spice trees. The sufficient amount of natural water reduces the amount of work for farmers.
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Blueboots at Batu Penjuru Launch

We are so honored to be a part of Batu Penjuru Microcity’s launch this Saturday at JSC Hive Co-working space! We, along many other impactful and respectable rural businesses, will be there at their very own Pasar Kaget Rooftop Bazaar 🌱 Come over and say hi! We’re looking forward to seeing you 👋🏻.
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Energy Balls Recipe

We have a winner! Congrats @msfev, and thank you everyone who has tagged us in their posts ♥️ We adore them.

Here’s @msfev’s 4-ingredient raw ball recipe:
1. Rolled oats
2. Honey
3. Blueboots Dark Choco PB
4. Chia seeds
Just mix these in a mixing bowl and roll into a ball. Leave in the refrigerator overnight and there you have it ✨

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It’s a Giveaway

PSA: Chips Giveaway alert! 🍠🎁 Upgrade your eating game with the healthier option. Here’s how: Tag us when you eat any Blueboots product and we will pick a winner according to the most creative and delicious-looking post on Monday! Let the tagging begin.
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Toast for Wednesday

A toast for Wednesday! 🍞🥂 Toast your bread in a toaster or on a pan warmed to medium heat. Butter or no butter, your call. But our Chocolate PB is a must.
Grab them while you can on our website (link in bio!) Happy Humpday from the Blueboots Team to you 🙂👋🏻 #BluebootsFarm #WholesomelyLocal