Natural Remedies for The Holiday Blues


The holiday might be over but the blues might stay around. We understand how hard it is to keep yourself motivated to work when holiday pictures are still floating around and people are still telling stories about their holiday. Today, we will share some natural remedies to boost your mood and help you to move on from the holiday blues.

  1. Sooth Yourself

When we’re not in a very good mood, we just feel like having some drinks to soothe ourselves. One of our to-go natural remedies is ginger. The warmth of ginger will help to lift your mood. Simply peel a ginger and slice it. Boil the ginger and add honey if you wish. We love to have it warm but you can also have it as an iced drink.

  1. Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium plays an important part for your body’s metabolism. It supports a healthy immune system, regulate blood sugar levels and it also keeps your bones strong. Snack on healthy Magnesium sources such as soymilk, banana, spinach and almond.

  1. Cut Down Caffeine

It is surely tempting to lift your morning mood by having a cup or two of coffee. However, this kind of caffeine intake only lets you survive for an hour or two, leaving you feel more sluggish than before. What about cutting down caffeine and swap your morning warm drinks into something more healthy? Perhaps some Rosella Tea? Since we have quite an abundant amount of Rosella at the farm, we normally dry them and bring it back to life by boiling it into a yummy Rosella Tea when we need it. Rosella Tea is pretty common to be found in supermarkets these days and they are great antioxidant for your body too!

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