Mighty Moringa

The long-awaited Moringa Powder from Blueboots Farm has finally launched! With about 100 moringa trees at Blueboots Farm, we are able harvests moringa leaves weekly and dehydrate the nutrient-packed leaves into powder for easy consumption. We dehydrate the moringa leaves at 42 C degrees so as to retain as much nutrients as we can for our family and friends.

The merits of Moringa food will go on an endless list (it basically has an impact in every parts of your body, even to the molecular level), but it is mainly known for reducing sugar blood level and for its antioxidant.

So, why not give this superfood a try! If you are not familiar on how to use Moringa Powder, you can follow us through our journal, as we reveal easy recipes to apply Moringa Powder daily to our lives. You can now go to our Shop page to purchase this mighty powder!

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