Let The Workshop Begins!

Starting the new year, Blueboots team are constantly searching to learn new knowledge and techniques to help better improve ourselves as Farmpreneurs. This January we have invited our dear friend Pak Hengky, an experienced organic farmer to conduct a few workshops catering Blueboots’ needs for more in-depth information and knowledge. Surprisingly, even the most stubborn farmer we have, Pak Petrus, was keen to join us and learn our hearts away!

The first workshop we had was all about Bio-activator and Bio-pesticide. This simply means we are extracting useful microorganisms found in the nature to assist in making liquid fertilizer and natural pesticide to be applied to our soil and crops. A rather important part in organic farming, especially in improving the life cycle of a plant and towards having zero waste in the farm.

The workshop was really fun, we get to go to the small bamboo forest in the farm to source for young bamboo shoots, run around the farm looking for wild-growing plants that can help deter pests. It was a great experience for us, as we got to discover parts of our land even deeper. Things that  we did not know can bring so much benefit to the farm are now stars of the land!

We also set up a small lab room in the processing building, for us to brew our very own fertilizer and useful microorganism needed for healthy soil and plants. We are definitely seeing the teachings from our science teacher come to live!

The workshop itself will run for a couple more times in January. We are especially keen to share the knowledge with you, so stay tune for more workshop updates.

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