Leftovers Party!

Some photos from the amazing Disco Soup Party that we held at 1/15 Coffee, Gandaria. Lots of people were there bringing their leftovers and excess food, fruits and vegetables. There were produces from Blueboots Farm that we brought there including bananas because we have lots of! We made various of ice cream on the day from the lovely ingredients that everyone brought. We successfully made chocolate chip cookies ice cream, berries ice cream, (Blueboots Farm) peanut butter & cacao nibs ice cream and also sangria ice cream! Who could’ve thought that leftovers can be turned into such yummy ice creams.

Making beverages and vegetable food from extra ingredients that people brought to 1/15 Coffee.

Blue pea tea with electric daisy from overabundant harvest from Arumdalu Lab and sangria from unused wine bottles infused with apples, oranges & mint from the guests’ house.

We watched some TedX videos on the day while chatting and mingling, also had the chance to Skype with the slow food community in Japan. Overall, a successful event, which we hope can attract more people next time 🙂

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