Handy Tools for Your Garden

Happy Monday everyone! Today we would love to share with you some basic gardening tools that was inspired by our tools at the farm. These tools are the basic tools that you can get from general shops and they cover the basic needs for domestic gardening.

1. Trowel
A trowel is basic tool used for digging small holes, breaking up earth, smoothing or moving small amount of material. It has a scoop shape and usually is made from metal.


2. Gloves
Wearing gloves while gardening is rather important because the soil can contain some materials that you don’t want to stay in your hand. And anyway, it is easier to wash off dirt from gloves rather than from your hand and it keeps your hand protected from scratches or cuts.


3. Rake
Rake is basically a broom that is used for outdoor. It is used to collect leaves or grass, to loosen soil, weeding and leveling. A rake is especially useful if you have medium-sized land that you need to work on.


4. Boots
A pair of good quality gardening boots is one of our best investments. We always change our shoes into boots when we are at the farm. They protect our legs from scratches and make us walk easier especially on wet soil. When looking for a gardening boots, look for the one that is lightweight, waterproof and durable.

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