Farmseries01: The Prep

It was the time to get back to nature,
When the sun shows its majesty,
Where the morning dew touches our bare skin,
That’s when I appreciate the earth’s gift at most.


When we had a chance to have people coming to Blueboots Farm, we never hesitated. Bringing more people to the farm means we can share our stories better, get more people to experience the nature’s grandeur first-hand and let them to advocate the stories based on their own experience. It is simply a pleasure to us as much as we would like our guests to enjoy what we have at Blueboots Farm.

On Sunday, 23 October 2016, we were excited to host our first event in collaboration with Taneuh, which we called Farmseries01. The number at the back of course was a reminder for us to keep having more people visiting the farm and to keep the spirit alive. We were honoured to have nine of our close friends to come all the way to Blueboots Farm with the promise to have a true farming experience.


Before our lovely guests came, we went around the farm to gather some wild flowers which we knew grew all over the farm. This was at around 6.30AM, when the sun was just starting to rise and morning dew was clinging at the tip of the plants. The air was a bit chilly, but it was definitely the best time of the day to get the freshest air.


These wild flowers were the prettiest because they are so honest and they displayed the richness of the land. We went a bit further to the forest just downhill from the farm and discovered so many beautiful flowers.

While the flowers were gathered from around the farm and the forest, the rest of us were preparing for the set up of our planting class at the nursery. Our guests would later on be coming to get their hands dirty in learning about soil and basic planting lesson.

Mba Atie and Mba La Mie at the other side of the farm, were harvesting pandan, lemongrass, lime and butterfly-pea flowers as the main ingredients for our welcome drink – all sourced from Blueboots Farm. The aroma of these local herbs filled the kitchen as they were making a batch of Butterfly-pea Tea for the guests who would be arriving anytime soon, flaunting a natural purple color and a soothing aroma, perfect for a morning sip. Apart from that, we also served Jali-jali Porridge, which was also made from Blueboots Farm’s harvest for everyone’s breakfast.


Our guests came one by one. Some went carpooling from Jakarta and some came with their partners. Everyone safely arrived and we were ready to start…

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