Farmseries01: The Goodbyes


After a full day at the farm, beginning with farm and forest tour, basic planting workshop, lunch time and kimchi-making session, finally it is time to say good bye. A group photo was set among the greeneries, with all Farmseries01 participants in it.

Rain was still pouring down when we were finished with the kimchi-making workshop. Some had to go straightaway but there were some who were still keen to explore the farm. So we equipped ourselves with Blueboots Farm’s raincoat and made our way to the land once again.


We were harvesting some edamame, which everyone later brought home as a takeaway from the farm. If was fun scouting some fat and full edamame pods under the drizzle. We looked like some hardworking Smurfs, don’t we?


These beautiful wild flowers were gathered in the morning for our lunch table set up. Due to the rain, we ended up having our lunch in the kitchen area and it was as much fun!


This was a group photo that we took at the outdoor lunch table. After this, everyone headed home with trunk full of produce from Blueboots Farm. It was such fun to host Farmseries01 collaborating with Taneuh, look forward for our next one guys!

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