Farmseries01: Kimchi-making Workshop

Having harvested some Daikon Radish while we were at the farm land, we had enough supply of Daikon Radish for our Kimchi-making Workshop. Mba Atie helped to prepare the ingredients so we headed right to the making process.


  1. The harvested Daikons were cleaned and cut into cubes. While the guests continued on their tour, Mba Atie soaked the Daikon cubes in salt and sugar for several hours to pre-season them and got the juice out. By limiting the moisture prior to fermentation, we could increase the shelf life of the kimchi, which also makes the Daikon crunchier.
  2. After separating the juice from the cubes, we mixed them with minced garlic, ginger, spring onions, which everyone help to prepare, then some fish sauce or soy sauce (for vegetarian), Korean dried chili powder, and a little bit of the Daikon juice.
  3. Once everyone was happy with the seasoning, we packed them tightly in the sterilized jars. We wanted to minimize any air in the jar as the fermentation works best in anaerobic (no-air) condition. We let them sit at room temperature for at least 2 days, and they’re good to go to the fridge. In our case, we let our guests bring them home and ferment them as they like. Everyone got a generous amount of Daikon Radish Kimchi to bring home



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