Farmseries 01: Basic Planting Workshop

After we have went through the farm and forest area, we headed to the nursery to learn about basic planting. As everyone gathered in the nursery, Samantha went through the process of planting. We learned that healthy soil is the key to good produces, not the fertilizer. In the picture, we were mixing compost made in Blueboots Farm. It basically contains cocopeat, which is coconut husk to retain water and to bind the soil together and charcoaled rice husk for drainage so the roots can grow well. This is the basic soil mixture we used in the farm and it is good to be used for home planting as well. We mixed the ingredients well together and add some water so they form a good base for our plants.


Then we prepared some seedling trays and filled them with the mixed soil. We got some rosella seeds to be planted by Farmseries01’s participants and everyone were excited to get their hands on. To plant the seeds, we would have to make holes with our finger in the seedling tray so the seeds are planted deep enough. After that we covered the surface with more soil. It would be best to put this seedling trays near the window if you are planting these at home, otherwise keep them in well-lit areas.


After learning about healthy soil and experiencing planting seeds in seedling tray, everyone headed to vegetable plot to learn about transplanting baby seedlings to beds. Samantha was explaining the steps to best take the seedlings out from the small pot to vegetable bed. It is important to keep all the roots intact for a successful transfer.


Everyone got their hands dirty while Pak Petrus was also excited to share his stories at the farm too! Kale, lettuces and eggplant seedlings were the plants were transferred that morning and they are looking health per today’s check. In the end, the whole beds were filled with the baby plants and everyone seemed to be ready for lunch.


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