Today’s Harvest

Days like this are what we call a fruitful day…

Merdeka Indonesiaku!

A Special Visit from ASEAN Delegates

We got nervous when we knew that the farm will be visited by ASEAN delegates. But everything turned out great and we had a good time at Blueboots Farm. Will be updating you soon about what we did!

In Season: Sorghum

Once again, sorghum is back in season in Blueboots Farm. This flowering crop is native to Australia but now is grown in the rest of the world. Have you tried sorghum before? Sorghum can be processed as edible grain an turned into delicious salad or incorporated into baking. Blueboots Farm have plenty of sorghum and we are opening opportunities for orders if anyone wants to use this in commercial restaurants, hotel or domestic cooking. 

Pete Harvest!

Pete, anyone?

Happy Bananas!

Pretty sure everyone loves some bananas!

Can’t Wait to Go Back

Holiday is almost over for us. Can’t wait to get back to the farm! Photo by @diningofsorts.

Time to Rest

Time to rest now…

Support System

When we walked through the forest this morning, we found this Binahong plant crawling up Red Turi plant for support. Such a great natural support system!

Nursery Status

The nursery is looking divine today!