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Better Fermented

What is Fermentation
(noun) The process of lactofermentation in food. This process preserves the food and creates beneficial enzymes, boosts nutrients and minerals, along with various strains of probiotic.

Update: we have fallen in love with fermented food. Not only do we love fermented food for its tangy taste, but also their many benefits for the human body.

One of our first experiments with fermentation was with one of our beloved roots of all time, our farm-grown Lobak Putih (Daikon Radish) during our farm workshop. Here’s a few reasons why we love fermented food:

  • Rich in probiotic bacteria
  • Improves digestion and absorption
  • Boosts the availability of beneficial enzymes, vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals such as iron and calcium
  • Helps build a better immune system
  • Long-lasting snack/food

Include more naturally fermented food in your diet and let us know if you want recipes of them!

Festive Colors

Colors so festive, this Terong Balado can be a great Christmas dish. Photo taken at our first Open Farm event.

Passion Fruit at The Farm

This passion fruit tree is growing healthily at Blueboots Farm near our resting shed. They will be ripe sometime soon and ready to be scooped out!

Farming Factors

While in general, crops are easy to grow in Indonesia’s fertile soil, there are still a couple of factors that affect the growth of crops. Few of those factors are: climate, including the amount of sunlight, rain, temperature, humidity and wind; soil condition; pests; and choosing the right plants to grow.

Gathering Wild Flowers at The Farm

Our farm always has pleasant surprises such as these wild flowers. Whenever we felt that we are too tired to continue working on the land, we would go around the farm and gather these wild flowers. Such beautiful finds that fill our days!

Plant Now: Green Vegetables

What’s good to plant now? Our farmers recommend to grow green vegetables at this time in October. The season is shifting towards the rainy season so the water reserve in the soil is getting more abundant, which makes it good for green vegetables to grow.

Start Fresh

Starting your day with fresh produce is essential. At Blueboots Farm, we embrace fresh produces like these tomatoes. They are a great source for Vitamin A, B and C, as well as potassium, which means they are good for your heart, eyes, skin and hair. On top of that tomatoes are natural antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood.

One of our favourite ways to enjoy tomatoes is slow roasting them with a bit of salt and pepper and drizzle them with olive oil. It truly brings the natural sweetness of tomatoes!

Composting from Farm’s Waste

At Blueboots Farm, we made composts from old banana stems, weeds (grass), after-harvest leaves from sweet potatoes and edamame, chicken/cow/sheep poop, beer waste, dedak, lime, sekam. Everything was mixed together so they decompose. Once they have decomposed, we can use it at the farm!

Peanut Butter Heroes

The peanut season is here and we just harvested some peanuts to be processed into our decadent peanut butter. You can purchase a fresh batch of Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter in crunchy or creamy now via our Shop.

Hosting ASEAN Delegates at Blueboots Farm

It was an honor that Blueboots Farm got a visit from ASEAN delegates some time ago. One of the main reasons was because Blueboots Farm is not just an organic farm but we also do an integrated vertical system from planting to developing products to marketing. We’re truly honored and never thought that we could share what we do with such important figures for them to share within their communities.

Twenty two delegates came to Blueboots Farm and the ASEAN committees introduced about what we do at the farm. Samantha began to share a little introduction about Blueboots Farm, then we shared about our product stories from peanut butter to our chips while everyone was sipping their blue pea flower tea.

After our product introduction, we went to explore the farm. Samantha explained the sections of Blueboots Farm, what’s growing and what’s special about the farm. When we walked by the sorghum field, we let everyone tasted our sample product, which is the pop-sorghum. When we were in the moringa trees section, we gave out some moringa cookies for everyone to try. In that way, everyone could imagine of how to turn these produces into marketable products.

In the end, everyone asked lots of questions about Blueboots Farm. We were thrilled that we could share a little bit of ourselves to the ASEAN delegates, which hopefully will make bigger impact to bigger communities.