Blueboots Sunday Recipe: Potato Sorghum Salad

It’s easy to eat clean when it’s so good. Here’s a new #BluebootsSunday recipe with our farm-grown Sorghum perfect for sharing.

1. Cut potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots into 2cm chunks.
2. Toss in bowl with olive oil, taneuh’s fennel salt and curry leaves.
3. Bake till cooked and let it cool down.
4. While waiting for the roots and veg to cook, boil the sorghum for 30 min. Drain and cool it down
5. Toss all the ingredients together. Drizzle some olive oil, black pepper and taneuh’s black sesame salt, freshly chopped parsley
6. Garnish with sesame flower and carrots’ greens.

Happy Sunday from #bluebootsfarm#wholesomelylocal

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