Best of 2016

We have concisely compiled a year in review of Blueboots Farm journey in 2016. Enjoy!

  1. Collaboration with friends. We were thrilled that we have been able to work with lots of our friends in 2016 from fellow farmers to event organizers who share similar values.
  2. Not so corny year. Still dealing with few challenges with our corn, we have some failed corn crops. Some made it through though.

  3. Lots of events. Definitely quite and eventful year, Blueboots Farm joined events from the ones at cafes to trade shows. We met so many wonderful people and introduce farming to a wider audience.

  4. Sharing recipes. Our food development team has been working hard in 2016 to develop recipes to utilize the farm produces. Hopefully the recipes that we shared to you can inspire to use more local produces and be more creative with your food.

  5. New website. We are quite proud of our website, which has been a useful way to communicate our stories. We will keep improving the website to ensure you can get the most out of it.

  6. Go nuts. Peanuts are still one of the best produces that came out from the land and Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter is one of our most popular products too.

  7. New products. However, we keep on developing new products to expose local produces. Including this up and rising Mixed Roots Chips, which you will see more in 2017.

  8. Farm events. When we had Farmseries01 at Blueboots Farm, we were lucky to have such an enthusiastic bunch who was eager to learn about farming. We thought that we should do more events like this in the near future.

  9. Christmas hamper. Wrapping up 2016, we gathered the best produces from our friends and compile them into one wonderful Christmas hamper. Thanks to those of you who have ordered and hopefully you enjoyed it!
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