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Kokken Organic Market

Join us at Kokken Organic Market, which will be held on our Independence Day! Celebrate locally grown food from local farmers and support the local produce 🙂   Kokken Organic Market Assembly at Turning Point Coffee Wednesday, August 17, 2016 10AM – 3PM

Job’s Tears, Literally.

Today we are having a special harvest at Blueboots Farm, called Job’s Tears. Fortunately, no tears were produced today at the farm in harvesting this plant. Job’s Tears are commonly known as Jali-jali in Indonesia, or if you go to the Asian groceries you might find a pack called Chinese Pearl Barley which is pretty […]

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Can you guess what will the sea of plants be in the near future? A small hint, it will be the main ingredient for one of Blueboots products. These healthy plants will grow a bit more and they will be turned into jars of peanut butter, one of our best sellers! Blueboots Peanut Butter is […]

Witness a Cassava Harvest!

Have you seen the process of harvesting cassava? Here’s how: Young cassava leaves are used for making meals by steaming it, turning it into curry or mix it with other vegetables for pecel. After we harvest these cassavas, the stem is planted back in the soil to grow another life of cassava. It is rather […]

Discovering Indonesia

This August, Blueboots Farm dares to dig deeper to know our country better. Celebrating Indonesia’s best produce, tradition and vision, we will introduce a different perspective of agriculture in Indonesia. Be excited and take the journey with us to discover what Indonesia has to offer.

Chef Ragil’s Visit

This weekend’s Blueboots Friend is Chef Ragil. You would have seen him on TV or you might have tasted his creation at his restaurants. His ventures include Warung Pasta and Locarasa where he experiments with local flavors like rujak and rendang to be infused in ice cream. Chef Ragil is also working on his latest […]

Cai Sim Harvest Day

Any harvesting day is a happy day. Today we are harvesting some beautiful, imperfect yet super yummy and fresh Cai Sim! We have successfully harvested 60kg Cai Sim and they are in happy tummies now for sure.

Potential of Pandan Powder

Pandan is an aromatic plant that we, Southeast Asian people love to use in all many of our dishes. You can easily find the taste of Pandan in Indonesian, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thailand savoury and sweet dishes. The aroma from pandan adds depth that opens up the appetite for those who smell it. Pandan leaves […]