Akmal’s Favourite Plant (Which Now Becomes Our Favourite Too!)

One of our latest acquired talents at the farm is Akmal, who just recently started to help us at Blueboots Farm. Akmal is only 23 years old and currently studying at Institut Pertanian Bogor. Although no one in Akmal’s family is in agriculture but we know that he has a deep passion in farming! We wondered why… Apparently it started when he joined the national science competition in junior high school and was competing in biotech area. From there his interest in agriculture grew and he decided to do it seriously.

From his journey surrounded by plants and the amazing produces that we have here in Indonesia, which one is it then that amaze him the most? Akmal confessed that coffee would be his favourite plant. Not because of all the hype that coffee has been getting lately, but he thinks that coffee has such a unique character which is quite different from any other plants.

Akmal has worked with coffee before while he was studying at IPB where he studied the theories and planted coffee to be learned from. Coffee’s special character is that it has to be grown in 800m minimum elevation. Pre-nursery is rather difficult because coffee requires delicate care especially Arabica. Akmal’s favourite coffee would be Sidikalang coffee from North Sumatra. It is rather a famous one especially because it’s grown in a high altitude above 1500m.

Now that we know more about Akmal and his favourite plant, we are hoping that we can all learn together. Watch this space to see more progress at Blueboots Farm.

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