5 Good Reasons to Start Farming

As January kicked off, we met some people who were interested to start a new hobby. How happy we are that some actually are interested to get into farming! We’re not talking about having a massive land and turn it into a farm. You could do urban farming in your garden or the balcony of your apartment to start with. For those of you who have the same intention, we have listed 5 good reasons to start farming in 2017.

  1. You don’t need much to start
    Believe it or not, growing your own produce won’t cost you that much. You only need a couple of basics such as seeds, soil and some pots to start with. You can have a close look of your plants everyday by giving them enough water and sunlight. Doesn’t cost much at all!
  2. The freshest produce
    Have you ever cooked some pasta and wished that you have bought a bag of basil from the market? Well, if you grow them at home, you only have to pick them from the pot in your balcony.
  3. Utilise your idle space
    Got some space on your windowsills, backyard or balcony? Then turning those idle spaces into a small farm corner would be a fruitful idea. Urban farming doesn’t need much space yet they can be turned into some amazing produces. So start looking around your place for that idle corner so you can start your own urban farm.
  4. Turn your rubbish into gold
    Did you know that you can turn your food waste into compost? Think about eggshells, fruit and vegetable waste. They can add beneficial microorganism to your plants and your waste don’t cost anything at all!
  5. You get to experiment
    If Biology was your favorite subject in high school, then you are the right kind to start your own urban farming. You get to experiment with different seeds and methods of planting and see which method works best for you!
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