4 Random Things that Grow in Blueboots Farm

At times when we wander around our farm, we found some things that we could not remember we have planted before. Without much care and maintenance, these plants grew healthily and productively to give us abundant food to eat. Our farmers sometimes came up with impromptu recipes around the day’s produce to become our meal that day. It is rather satisfying to eat from our land’s own produce and hopefully we can share more fresh produces to you!
Here are some things that we harvested this morning: lots and lots of spicy green chillis, crunchy and sweet purple eggplant, refreshing salad eggplant (terong lalap) and aromatic yellow passion fruits. We are thinking maybe some grill the eggplants with some soy sauce and green chilli paste, have the salad eggplant fresh with sambal and turn the passion fruit into a sauce for ice cream on a hot day! Perhaps you have any thoughts on what we should turn these produces into?

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