Holding on to Our Values

One of our values is to be sustainable. We are mindful of the environment. We minimize human footprint to the environment by being mindful to the farming and processing methods we implement.

The Local Market

If you haven’t met us in person yet, then this is the right event to do so. You can taste our ever-popular Blueboots Peanut Butter, get some Farm-style Mixed Chips or perhaps discuss with us with your fresh produce needs. See you at The Local Market!

Which Type Are You?

Crunchy or creamy, that’s your call. Head to our Shop to stock up on our decadent peanut butter.

Forest by The Farm

In the forest next to the land that we planted, we can find trees growing endlessly since a long time ago. There are nutmeg trees, fragrant cloves, teak trees and durian trees and some tea growing in the secluded corner. When you come to the forest, ask us to bring you there! It’s quite an amazing spot where you can enjoy a snippet of nature’s grandeur.

Lemongrass For a Better Sleep

Did you know that lemongrass has a great benefit for your night time sleep quality? Lemongrass has a relaxing effect on the brain and helps to relieve stress. It is also known to improve sleep pattern and insomnia. Perhaps a cup of lemongrass tea before sleeping tonight?

Start Fresh

Starting your day with fresh produce is essential. At Blueboots Farm, we embrace fresh produces like these tomatoes. They are a great source for Vitamin A, B and C, as well as potassium, which means they are good for your heart, eyes, skin and hair. On top of that tomatoes are natural antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood.

One of our favourite ways to enjoy tomatoes is slow roasting them with a bit of salt and pepper and drizzle them with olive oil. It truly brings the natural sweetness of tomatoes!

Composting from Farm’s Waste

At Blueboots Farm, we made composts from old banana stems, weeds (grass), after-harvest leaves from sweet potatoes and edamame, chicken/cow/sheep poop, beer waste, dedak, lime, sekam. Everything was mixed together so they decompose. Once they have decomposed, we can use it at the farm!

A Self Reminder

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves about who we are, what we do and what we are trying to achieve. We realise being sustainable is more on balancing the cycle of people, planet and profit. These wholesome products we’re trying to achieve is more than just good organic products. For it to be a wholesome product, it takes the whole village, from the self-sustaining farm which requires the craftsmanship of the Blueboots family who are driven by the ethical entrepreneurship and some fun.

Expression of Interest to Use Blueboots Farm Site

Have you been to Blueboots Farm? Some of you might have visited the farm during our Open Farm events, our collaborative events with fellow farm enthusiasts and perhaps school visits. Soon, we will be opening Blueboots Farm’s site for public events like workshops, open farm and school visits. If you have any specific events that you would like to hold at the farm, please let us know as we are open for ideas. Email us to samantha@blueboots.farm for your event inquiries.


Remember our Nutmeg Chutney? It was one of our favourite products that we ever developed. These days, we are still developing lots of new products, from improving our peanut butter recipe to refining the crispiness of our chips. You can always go to our Shop section and sample Blueboots Farm’s product, which we made from the fresh produce at the farm.