All Natural

At Blueboots Farm, our fresh produce is grown organically; fertilized by our own homemade compost and plotted rotationally.

Peanut Butter Heroes

The peanut season is here and we just harvested some peanuts to be processed into our decadent peanut butter. You can purchase a fresh batch of Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter in crunchy or creamy now via our Shop.

Who’s Coming to Pasar Anak Menteng?

We’d love to meet you at Pasar Anak Menteng!

Today’s Harvest

Days like this are what we call a fruitful day…

Merdeka Indonesiaku!

Hosting ASEAN Delegates at Blueboots Farm

It was an honor that Blueboots Farm got a visit from ASEAN delegates some time ago. One of the main reasons was because Blueboots Farm is not just an organic farm but we also do an integrated vertical system from planting to developing products to marketing. We’re truly honored and never thought that we could share what we do with such important figures for them to share within their communities.

Twenty two delegates came to Blueboots Farm and the ASEAN committees introduced about what we do at the farm. Samantha began to share a little introduction about Blueboots Farm, then we shared about our product stories from peanut butter to our chips while everyone was sipping their blue pea flower tea.

After our product introduction, we went to explore the farm. Samantha explained the sections of Blueboots Farm, what’s growing and what’s special about the farm. When we walked by the sorghum field, we let everyone tasted our sample product, which is the pop-sorghum. When we were in the moringa trees section, we gave out some moringa cookies for everyone to try. In that way, everyone could imagine of how to turn these produces into marketable products.

In the end, everyone asked lots of questions about Blueboots Farm. We were thrilled that we could share a little bit of ourselves to the ASEAN delegates, which hopefully will make bigger impact to bigger communities.

Farm Educational Program Intern

Farm Educational Program Intern is someone who will be face and voice of Blueboots Farm. You will carry an important part to educate the public and future generation on the importance of sustainable actions in our food chain.

The internship will run from October – December 2017 and you will be based in Jakarta and Bogor. There is no remuneration for the position but we will cover your transportation from Jakarta to Bogor for your work need.


Your job description is

  • Understanding the vision and mission of the company
  • Survey the needs of food educational program
  • Create educational programs for schools, corporate organizations and general public
  • Conduct necessary outreach to interested parties
  • Manage and conduct workshops on farm


You are a good fit if

  • A graduate or undergraduate agricultural student currently enrolled on the fourth year from reputable universities in Indonesia looking for 2- 3 months unpaid experience
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Have passion in teaching
  • High interest in sustainable food production


What you will get

  • A complete overview of sustainable food production
  • Exposure to farm community in Indonesia
  • Exposure to agro-tourism
  • Meet many inspiring individuals from all over the world
  • Certificate of completion


How to apply

  • Send an email to by 25 August 2017 with the following requirements:
  • Subject: Blueboots Farm Educational Program Intern
  • Body email: Explain why do you want to be Blueboots Farm Educational Program Intern in 1 paragraph of at least 200 words.
  • Attachment: CV with your profile and other relevant achievements

Sweet Potatoes at Sayur Box

Did you know that you can get our fresh produces from Sayur Box? We stocked our Cilembu and Purple Sweet Potatoes there along with fresh produces from other farmers so you can get all the produces that you need in one go. You can go to Sayur Box website and arrange your order from there. Getting fresh produce is never this easy!

Random Finds: Leunca

Leunca is one of those plants that grow just anywhere. We would find leunca plants in random places in Blueboots Farm. The black one is the ripe one, but actually we would eat the unripe fruit, which is the green ones. Leunca is rather popular in Sundanese cuisine and is usually used in sambal or cooked with oncom. It pops in your mouth and gives a fresh note to a sambal. Yum!