Workshop Wrap Up

Earlier this month, we shared with you about the beginning of an internal workshop at Blueboots Farm focusing on developing our organic farming knowledge. The workshop has ended this week and we have learned so much! Now let us share some of our experiences from the workshop.

The intensive workshops conducted by our special teacher Pak Hengky, an experienced organic farmer have finally come to an end. We are surprised and grateful to many new knowledge and techniques we have gained. The farmers at Blueboots Farm are now empowered with skills to make their own composts, fertilizer and bio-pesticides made from natural surroundings without ever needing to buy. It is so easy to make and in the future we want to be able to educate surrounding farmers in our community to do the same. This can greatly reduce the habit of Indonesian farmers to greatly depend on buying farm inputs from big corporation.

We are also excited to have learnt new planting and maintenance techniques to increase productivity of crops on farm. This new techniques will be applied immediately to the farm and we will be expecting about 80% – 100% increase in crop production overtime. What we have learnt is just the tip of the iceberg. By constantly applying new skills and meticulously observing the effects on plants, we are able to gain more experiences and knowledge only we ourselves can acquire.

Can’t wait to keep learning and seeing the farm grow better in 2017!

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