What is It With Blueboots Farm Name?

When starting a venture, picking the perfect name is definitely one of the challenges. A name shall represent the venture’s values, characters and objectives. When we were trying to come up with a name for the farm, to be honest, we didn’t have much a problem. We didn’t think too much of it actually!

If you have been following our journal for a while, you will be able to guess where our name derives from.

Yes! It comes from our boots at the farm! So the story was… When we were about to begin working on the farm about two years ago, Samantha’s mom bought her a pair of boots. The kind of boots that will survive all kinds of weather, any soil condition and won’t go fussy on you in any circumstances. They are simply the perfect pair of boots. And of course, they are blue. From there we decided that we should name the farm Blueboots Farm.

Those pair of boots still survive through all the journey they have been through and they are a living witness of the farm’s progress. After all the challenges we have at the farm, it’s comforting to know that at least we have a pair of boots that we can count on. Long live Blueboots Farm!


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