The “Tumpang Sari” Story

Planting different plants together does not only look pretty but finding the right combination of plants to plant together might just be the solution for a hassle-free garden. The right combination of different plants that is beneficial to each other is called companion planting.

Companion planting is a way of growing different types of plants with the idea that they will assist one another in useful way such as enhancing flavor, fixing nitrogen, deter pests, attract beneficial insects and improving growth.

Few tips we have observed that we would love to share:

  • Never plant plants of the same family together. For example chilli and tomatoes. This will ensure lesser risk for plant infection.
  • Plant legumes together with nitrogen-loving plants such as corn, tomatoes, chillis (plants that bears fruits). Legumes will help supply nitrogen to the soil to feed its nitrogen-loving companion plant. For example peanuts and corn are perfect to plant together.
  • Plant marigolds around many vegetables and especially tomatoes. This will kill root knot nematodes and marigolds give off a smell that deter pests.
  • Spinach and eggplants are somehow always compatible.

The lists goes on… As Blueboots experiments with more companion planting, we will be able to add more to this list we cannot wait to share more. Happy planting!

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