Thank You Note

Today’s thank you note is dedicated to those who have contributed their parts to the journey of Blueboots Farm. Here goes the list.


To our farmers,

Thank you for always waking up early in the morning and making sure that the farm is well-taken care of. What will we do without you.


To the wives of our farmers,

Who are always making sure that their husband is well-fed, for turning the fresh produce at the farm into delicious meals, for making treats for us at the farm and even helping us to harvest our crops just when we need those extra hands.


To our photographer,

Most of the beautiful photos you see on Blueboots Farm was taken by this man. Just looking at the pictures make us feel like we are in the middle of the farm. Always heart-warming and honest, his pictures tell a thousand words about Blueboots Farm.


To the young guns,

We love our fellow makers, thinkers and innovators because they make us feel like we are in a similar journey! Everyone is making their own way but we are glad that we have a great support group who always supports each other.
Thank you.

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