Rosella Champagne

Rosella plant is definitely a plant that can grow well in Blueboots Farm. The perennial herb tree has given us abundant of harvest all year round with visitors of the farm also self-picking as many Rosella fruit as they like.

With many Rosella always in our hand, we had the chance to play different recipes with it. We will share you one of Blueboots Farm favorites drink recipe:

– With fresh Rosella, you will need to cut the calyx (the bright red part) and remove the seeds.

– Wash the calyx thoroughly with cold water

– Add about 10 washed calyx to 4 cups of water and ¼ – ½ cup of sugar

– Add a little bit of ginger to the mix (or any other herb you like)

– Bring the mix to a boil and boil for 15- 20 minutes

– Remove the calyx from the mix in order to prevent the syrup from being too sour

– Then bring the mix to a simmer and simmer till you get a syrup like consistency

– Off the heat and let the syrup cool down

– Add the syrup into champagne glass

– Last step is to add soda water or champagne to give the drink a fizzy kick

This drink will definitely be a good thirst quencher for our hot tropical weather. Rosella drink reminds us a lot like Ribena or cranberry juice.