School Tripping

We had some guests sometime ago! These are the kids of Sekolah Cikal Serpong. They came as a part of their year 7 school’s program to learn about nature and biodiversity.

Samantha of Blueboots Farm gave a brief presentation about organic farming and how we work with nature to grow the crops.

The kids were excited to get to know various edible plants, harvesting, smelling and tasting the crops. Apparently not everyone has seen some of the plants there were at Blueboots Farm. Perhaps 95% of the plants at Blueboots Farm, they have not seen before! So it was an important part to tell them about where their food comes from. They also learned about basic planting from potting mix, planting seeds, transplanting and maintenance. Digging and harvesting sweet potatoes was one thing that everyone did, although mostly the boys who were into it 🙂

Here’s a snippet of how their work sheet looks like:

Then we do a simple harvest of aromatic local herbs at the farm. These herbs were then made into salsa in a jar.

The most exciting time came when it was lunch time! A generous spread of nasi liwet, with edible flowers and vegetables freshly harvested from the farm were laid on top of banana leaf so everyone can share. The salsa that we made before from the herbs was eaten with Blueboots Chips and Edamame Hummus. Our recently built saung became the suitable for lunch on the day.

In the end everyone was tired but learned so many thing. They learned about the importance of guarding ecosystem and keeping biodiversity in order for food security.

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