Potential of Pandan Powder

Pandan is an aromatic plant that we, Southeast Asian people love to use in all many of our dishes. You can easily find the taste of Pandan in Indonesian, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thailand savoury and sweet dishes. The aroma from pandan adds depth that opens up the appetite for those who smell it. Pandan leaves are often times crushed lightly and added to cook together with other ingredients. Drawing the aroma of Pandan as the dish cooks and removing the leaves after that.

Many times, the color and flavor of Pandan leaves are also extracted by industries to give cheaper alternative to people to add Pandan color and flavor to cakes. However, no matter how much the synthetic pandan extract imitates the original color and smell of Pandan, it is still not comparable and more enjoyable to extract the Pandan smell and color from the plant itself!

At Blueboots Farm, we harvest fresh Pandan leaves to order and dry it at low temperatures so as to retain the fresh green color and aroma. We then milled it into powder and packaged it in air-tight bags for safe storage. Pandan powder is slowly gaining its popularity in the baking sector. It adds natural green coloring and unique fresh pandan aroma, which sometimes is compared to vanilla, that cannot compare to industry pandan extract.

Pandan powder can be used numerously in baking muffins, chiffon cakes, cookies, bread, pancakes, macarons and many other recipe to your heart’s desire. It also has a long shelf-life due to the very low moisture content safe for storage. Another Blueboots favourite thing to do with the Pandan Powder is to steep the powder in hot water to make Pandan Tea. It never fails to sooth and calm our tired body from a long day at the farm. You can also add ice to make your very own Pandan Ice Tea!

Many ideas and creativity are still to be explored for Pandan Powder. We will share one recipe soon and feel free to share yours too!

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