Our Very Own Heroes


Celebrating today’s “Hari Pahlawan”, we talked with Samantha to share about those people who she thinks are the real heroes for Blueboots Farm. These people are dearly close to Blueboots Farm and have influenced the farm in such way that shapes it to become what it is now. So who are these people?

Bu Helianti

I knew Bu Helianti through my sister, Stephanie, who has previously worked with her on a project. I was really interested in her company Javara and soon I was able to be given the opportunity to work with her as an intern in 2014. She is a leader with good vision, passion and perseverance. Her vision and passion for her company, Javara are what drives and motivates her team and farmers all around Indonesia to uphold Indonesia’s biodiversity. She is also a good mentor that gives advices and direction to young entrepreneurs.

In a way or two, the experience shaped what becomes Blueboots Farm today because Bu Helianti helped me discover my passion in local Indonesian ingredients and growing them. She showed me on the amazing range of biodiversity of ingredients in Indonesia and the potential of each ingredients we can bring to the market. Bu Heli influences our way of showcasing the produce we grow in the farm. Instead of selling the produce as it is to the market, we value-add the produces to on-shelf products to be able to increase the attractiveness each produce.

Pak Dwi


I knew Pak Dwi when I interned in Javara. He was put in the team with me as my planting mentor. He has a really kind heart and a teacher-spirit in him. He never fails to teach me positive values in life that help me define the way of looking at things. And he is never tired to teach someone patiently about organic farming.

He has definitely define the spirit and principles on the way Blueboots grow our produce. Pak Dwi has showed on what it takes to be a true farmer that is mindful of the environment. Many elements of the farm is designed and built in the way Pak Dwi has taught Blueboots team.

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