Job’s Tears, Literally.

Today we are having a special harvest at Blueboots Farm, called Job’s Tears. Fortunately, no tears were produced today at the farm in harvesting this plant.

Job’s Tears are commonly known as Jali-jali in Indonesia, or if you go to the Asian groceries you might find a pack called Chinese Pearl Barley which is pretty much the same thing. Although it has not been the most popular plants around, Jali-jali has lots of benefits for the health. Jali-jali has a high contain of protein, fat and vitamin B1. It is believed to be able to promote urination, alleviate arthritis and arrest diarrhea.

Different cultures and countries have different ways of utilising Jali-jali. In Indonesia, it is commonly cooked into porridge, ferment it into tape or turned into refreshing drinks. In South Korea, Jali-jali is turned into a liquor made from rice and Jali-jali called okroju. In Thailand, it is commonly used in teas and other drinks like soy milk.

There are lots of benefits from Jali-jali, we love how they are so versatile and good for our health. Share us you Jali-jali recipes or any Jali-jali dishes that you have ever tried!

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