Exciting New Website!

Did you know that while we are sowing our land at the farm, we are also busy updating our website. Though our website is not the savviest, yet we think it’s pretty good for a farmer who spends lots of her time doing things hands on.

If you are always curious about the people and story behind Blueboots Farm, you will be able to know us better through our website. Maybe you have been craving for that Creamy Peanut Butter you bought from one of our events? That too is solved, because now you can shop Blueboots Farm’s products from the Shop page. Keep an eye on our shop as well because we will be updating it will seasonal products from time to time (Hint: check towards the end of September). And of course, if you have been following our social media, you will know that we love sharing our stories through our Journal.

So we’ve got it covered for everyone of you who’s keen to know Blueboots Farm better. Explore our new website and say hello to us!

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