Creative Ways of Using Blueboots Farm Harvest: Plant Stamp

If you are the creative kind, then this little project might be your cup of tea to utilise farm’s produce. From simple things like sweet potato, corn or celery, you can create fun stamps, which can be turned into patterns for artwork, cards and other things beyond your imagination. It is a great project that you can do yourself and it would be especially fun to do with the little one at home.

DSCF0463 (1) copy

You will only need these few basic things:
A sweet potato (or potato)
Acrylic paint

Cut the sweet potato into your desired shape. We are cutting ours in half to get the organic half circle shape.

DSCF0479 (1)

Dilute the acrylic paint with some water.

If you have a roller, roll it into the paint then onto your sweet potato stamp. Otherwise, just dip your sweet potato into the paint, wipe the excess off.


Do a test print on another paper before creating your artwork.



Do any patterns that you like on your piece of paper. You can combine any colors and turn the sweet potato into any shape that you desire. The creativity is yours!


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