A Self Reminder

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves about who we are, what we do and what we are trying to achieve. We realise being sustainable is more on balancing the cycle of people, planet and profit. These wholesome products we’re trying to achieve is more than just good organic products. For it to be a wholesome product, it takes the whole village, from the self-sustaining farm which requires the craftsmanship of the Blueboots family who are driven by the ethical entrepreneurship and some fun.

Farm Educational Program Intern

Farm Educational Program Intern is someone who will be face and voice of Blueboots Farm. You will carry an important part to educate the public and future generation on the importance of sustainable actions in our food chain.

The internship will run from October – December 2017 and you will be based in Jakarta and Bogor. There is no remuneration for the position but we will cover your transportation from Jakarta to Bogor for your work need.


Your job description is

  • Understanding the vision and mission of the company
  • Survey the needs of food educational program
  • Create educational programs for schools, corporate organizations and general public
  • Conduct necessary outreach to interested parties
  • Manage and conduct workshops on farm


You are a good fit if

  • A graduate or undergraduate agricultural student currently enrolled on the fourth year from reputable universities in Indonesia looking for 2- 3 months unpaid experience
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Have passion in teaching
  • High interest in sustainable food production


What you will get

  • A complete overview of sustainable food production
  • Exposure to farm community in Indonesia
  • Exposure to agro-tourism
  • Meet many inspiring individuals from all over the world
  • Certificate of completion


How to apply

  • Send an email to samantha@blueboots.farm by 25 August 2017 with the following requirements:
  • Subject: Blueboots Farm Educational Program Intern
  • Body email: Explain why do you want to be Blueboots Farm Educational Program Intern in 1 paragraph of at least 200 words.
  • Attachment: CV with your profile and other relevant achievements

Shop’s on Holiday

Our shop will be closed until 4 July 2017.

What’s Cooking?

We are never not passionate about perfecting our house recipes. Blueboots Farm’s Peanut Butter is one of our bestsellers that we keep on developing. What do you think of our peanut butter? Shoot us an email if you have any thoughts 🙂

Introducing Our Farm Manager

Pak Andi has been helping us at Blueboots Farm to manage the farm. He was a true local, born in Bogor and was studying at SMK Pertanian KORNITA Dramaga. An experienced guy across various fields of agriculture (including horticulture, mushroom and chilli farming), supported with great administrative skill too.

His favourite plants are organic fruits and veggies. Pak Andi is passionate to grow commodities with high economic values, which are easy to grow, easy to maintain and have low production cost. During his time at Blueboots Farm, he has learned about new plants, local plants, turning farm produces into marketable products and innovation in creating agriculture products. Definitely something different from what he has done before.

Blueboots Farm on Cleo Magazine

A little something about Samantha Gunawan of Blueboots Farm on Cleo Magazine 🙂

3 Tips for Women Who Want to Get Into Farming

Surprisingly, along our journey we have met some women in farming. For us, they give inspiration and show true grit of becoming a farmer, while balancing their role as a woman. Here are couple of tips for all women out there who are interested to get into farming or the agriculture sector.

  1. Spend some time on a working farm to get a feel of how a life as a farmer is. The farming imagined in your mind, might be entirely different from real life farming. Thus, involving in internship or volunteering in a farm, might help distinguish between farm fantasy and reality.
  2. Farming takes family support. Farming is a lifestyle that requires your time and energy. Therefore, the whole family has to be able to understand or be involved together in order for you to feel at ease to start farming
  3. Be part of a farming community. Best support system when you need help!


New Year’s Resolution

Towards the end of 2016, we have started to contemplate about what our resolutions are for next year. Here are some of the things on our agenda to improve Blueboots Farm and to make what we do more impactful.

  1. Improve farm capacity
    At the farm, we have been discussing about how we can fully maximize the capacity of the farm. Whether that would be through making better composts and fertilizer; as well as building more infrastructure for effective farming. The idea is basically to improve our techniques to increase productivity and quality of the produce.
  2. More farm events
    From running our Farmseries01, we realize how impactful it is to actually bring people the farm. Blueboots Farm is planning to hold more farm events to attract more people so lots more can get hands on experience on farming. To educate and connect to where and how food came about would be one of our main resolutions for 2017.
  3. More fresh produce
    In 2017, we are hoping to intensify and diversify the produce of the farm. Hopefully we can produce more exciting local and sustainable products and share them to the market. Therefore local plants would be more appreciated and get their well-deserved popularity.
  4. Attract young farmers
    What we realize from running Blueboots Farm is also that there are not so many young people interested in agriculture. There are a bunch of people that we know, who are so into it, but lots of our other friends haven’t been exposed much to farming and how their food is produced. By attracting more people to get into farming (even small urban farming will make lots of difference!), we hope that we can breed more young farmers to make changes in the community.
  5. Have fun
    Take more challenges and just have fun! Farming is never an easy job even for us. There are many challenges and learning curves that we had, but those things didn’t stop us to go further. We simply enjoy our time at the farm and sharing our values to the community, which keep us going. Nevertheless, we will not forget to have fun and enjoy our time with our farmers and friends.

Adios 2016!


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