The Jars of Hantaran

In our curated Hantaran, there are special jars that our friends and us made especially for this Eid. You will find a yummy Strawberries & Jackfruit jam, a smooth Bluepea & Lemongrass jam, a decadent Pandan cookies and crispy Pineapple crisps.

Tomorrow is the last day for ordering our Hantaran, but you can quickly place your order now on our Shop section.

A Blueboots Spread for Sahur

Not sure about what you want for sahur? Stock some of our peanut butter for uncertain times. Spreadable on toast, mix it with oatmeal or incorporate it into your smoothie. Blueboots Farm’s peanut butter is versatile and comes in two types, crunchy and creamy. Head to our Shop to order now!

Hantaran for This Eid

Driven by the same values of honoring local wisdom and elevating our craft in our native Indonesia, SukkhaCitta, TAN-EUH and Blueboots Farm are joining hands this Eid Fitri to bring you a thoughtful reminder of what matters: human connection.
Hantaran is our exploration to bridge Indonesia’s ancient craftsmanship and bountiful produce with modern techniques and aesthetic. It is an embodiment of our social culture of giving in a time of festivities.
Each of the items in this hamper has been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to bring forward the integrity inherent in our local wisdom. They were slowly made by remarkable artisans, using only local and natural resources.
We hope this simple thought can bring you and your loved ones together in the spirit of shared togetherness, especially in this time where divisiveness strikes.
Within this package you will find a couple of goodness which are perfect to be shared for Eid Fitri. Blueboots Farm’s jams are among the goodness in this Hantaran. A delectable Jackfruit and Strawberries Jam is made by slowly cooking freshly picked jackfruits and strawberries that were handpicked from farms in Cijeruk and Lembang. It is a great boost of vitamin C and can be enjoyed as spread on your morning toast, oatmeal or even to add flavor in your smoothie.
The other jam is Blueboots Farm’s Lemongrass & Blue Pea Jam. Fresh blue pea flowers, lime and lemongrass were slowly cooked in simmering heat to create this beautiful jam. Fresh and floral-scented, it is perfect to be shared with loved ones over a warm toast and tea.
In the Hantaran, you will also find a SukkhaCitta’s scarf. This scarf is handloomed using 100% unbleached cotton that is slowly dipped in natural, fermented Indigofera Tinctoria. The lines are accomplished using the complex Double Ikat technique to resist the dye, then put randomly on both the warp and the weft to create this modern asymmetry of lines. The weavers manually change between two shuttles, creating a silent orchestra of threads that cannot be replicated by machines.
TAN-EUH’s pineapple crisps is one thing that you wouldn’t want to miss from this Hantaran. The pineapples are grown by farmers in Central Java at the feet of Gunung Slamet. Harvested carefully by hands and slowly dehydrated at 40C to retain beneficial enzymes for the body.
Last but not least, we have Pandan Cookies, which pandan is grown organically at Blueboots farm in Bogor and slowly dehydrated to retain its signature aroma. Baked into delicious bite-size by Surely/Someday+Kitchen.
All of this goodness is impossible to be created without the collaboration of our precious friends for this Eid. To order please email

New Chips on The Block

Yes we have new products which we have developed with care in our R&D kitchen! These are Blueboots Farm’s latest products, Farm-style Mixed Chips in Original and Cheese. They are organic, with no MSG, no artificial flavouring and no preservative. A great snack for everyone to accompany your movie night or to be enjoyed with a cup of tea. Soon to be available through our online shop!

Mixed Chips New Flavors

R&D at Blueboots Kitchen is always something to look forward in our team. We love experimenting with our fresh crops and turning them into delicious products that everyone can enjoy. We are currently working on our Mixed Chips flavors and exploring new ingredients to achieve an even better taste!

Things to Spread your Peanut Butter on

We’re pretty sure that Blueboots Farm’s Peanut Butter has a special place in your heart. We love to spread it abundantly on our toast, get some crackers and dip it into the butter or mix it into our home-made smoothie. How do you like to enjoy yours? Remember, you can always get if from our online shop if you are running out of peanut butter.

Available at Ecozest

Blueboots Farm’s Peanut Butter is now available at Ecozest. You can go to their website or head to their shop in Lippo Mall Kemang. Ecozest has a great range of organic products from food to baby products, so make sure that you browse their full range of products!

Reminiscing Our Seasonal Product

Once in awhile, we like to explore new possibilities with the produces that we have at the farm. If you remember from last year, we have been turning our fresh nutmeg into beautiful Nutmeg Chutney. Have you ever tasted our Nutmeg Chutney? If you did, how was it? Should we do more of it when the nutmeg is in season?

Photo by Dicky Lesmana.

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Back to Basic: Pandan Powder

Blueboots Farm’s Pandan Powder is something that we never got tired of. Chefs love it because they can incorporate it into their dessert dishes, housewives are so into it because the color is so vibrant, kids are loving it so much. The younger generation digs it because it is so versatile to be incorporated into dishes such as smoothie bowl or cookies.