Making Peanut Butter

If you ask us how our Peanut Butter is made, the answer is rather simple. We harvested the peanuts from the farm when they are at the top of their game, cleaned them and roasted the peanuts. After that, they were processed with a dash of coconut sugar and salt to enhance the flavour. Then that’s it, Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter is ready to be smeared on to your toast. Also, did you know that peanut butter is a good way to control hunger without the weight gain? When consumed in controlled amount, peanut butter gives a satisfying feeling to control hunger, which makes it great to be mixed in your diet.

Afternoon Treat

Afternoon treat? Blueboots Farm Creamy Peanut Butter is spreadable on almost anything 😉


Which Type Are You?

Crunchy or creamy, that’s your call. Head to our Shop to stock up on our decadent peanut butter.

All Natural

At Blueboots Farm, our fresh produce is grown organically; fertilized by our own homemade compost and plotted rotationally.

Sweet Potatoes at Sayur Box

Did you know that you can get our fresh produces from Sayur Box? We stocked our Cilembu and Purple Sweet Potatoes there along with fresh produces from other farmers so you can get all the produces that you need in one go. You can go to Sayur Box website and arrange your order from there. Getting fresh produce is never this easy!

Cheese-flavored Mixed Chips

Roots are one of our main commodities at Blueboots Farm. We have been developing yummy flavors for the chips, this one is our “Cheese” varieties, which was built up from various natural seasonings. A great snack to accompany your boredom or gathering with friends.

The Roots

What our chips are made of…

Your Perfect Movie Chips

Now you have a better option for your movie snack. Blueboots Farm’s Mixed Chips are available at Flix Cinema PIK! Yay!

Have You Thought About Giving?

You can still order our Hantaran if you are thinking of someone special this Eid. Your family, friends or colleagues will be pleased with this curated Hantaran.
Go to our Shop now and place your order for delivery before Eid.