The Things You Never Expect from Peanut Butter

Peanut butter (especially ours ;)) is very versatile to be used in cooking, baking or just on its own. You would never expect these things from Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter:

  • They are great as Gado-gado dressing especially if you don’t have the time to make dressing from scratch! Try our Gado-gado recipe here,you will fall in love with it.
  • In one of our seasonal products, we combined our original Peanut Butter with honey and chia. Did you get to taste this limited flavor? What did you think?
  • There are only four ingredients used in Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter, which are: Blueboots Farm roasted peanuts, coconut oil, organic coconut sugar and Kusamba sea salt. So simple, that’s why it’s so good for you.

A Healthy Yet Satisfying Snack

Our Farm-style Mixed Chips are vacuum fried so they keep the natural color and taste. That’s why you will find our chips to be vibrant in color without any coloring additives. Not only that, these chips also maintain their natural flavor that you can enjoy through the different varieties of local sweet potatoes that we mix in the product. They are satisfying yet still healthy for everyday snacking!

The Original Farm-style Mixed Chips

The Original Farm-style Mixed Chips is like nothing else! It contains various kinds of sweet potatoes, mixed in natural herbs to create an umami flavour with a bit of tang to it. Remember that it’s always in stock on our web shop if you are craving for a healthy snack.

Freshly Churned Peanut Butter

Nothing beats a freshly churned peanut butter. Start your day right with a good amount of Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter, available in creamy or crunchy to suit your liking.

Farm-style Mixed Chips Cheese

When we were doing R&D for our new Farm-style Mixed Chips flavour, we wanted to recreate the taste of cheese without using any cheese. With a bit of help from some dairy products, organic and locally grown spices, we managed to do so! You can now enjoy our Farm-style Mixed Chips in this adventurous Cheese flavour!

Making Peanut Butter

If you ask us how our Peanut Butter is made, the answer is rather simple. We harvested the peanuts from the farm when they are at the top of their game, cleaned them and roasted the peanuts. After that, they were processed with a dash of coconut sugar and salt to enhance the flavour. Then that’s it, Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter is ready to be smeared on to your toast. Also, did you know that peanut butter is a good way to control hunger without the weight gain? When consumed in controlled amount, peanut butter gives a satisfying feeling to control hunger, which makes it great to be mixed in your diet.

Afternoon Treat

Afternoon treat? Blueboots Farm Creamy Peanut Butter is spreadable on almost anything 😉