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Peanut Butter Dreams

Dreams do come true 🍫🥜💫 Finally launching our Dark Choco PB. 20% off for the first 10 pax using code: 20offdarkchoco on your checkout page! Orders are accepted through our website (link in bio!) #BluebootsFarm #WholesomelyLocal

Plants Have Feelings Too

Plants have feelings too 💚 It’s best to harvest herbs with a pair of scissors/pruners than by hand. Cutting with scissors will ensure a clean cut that will prevent the plant from stress. So love them! They will grow stronger and better if treated right. #BluebootsFarm #WholesomelyLocal

Farm Views

Look at em grow! 🌱 Here at Blueboots Farm, we’re always researching and improving ways we grow our food organically and nutritiously. Our dedicated team is here to bring you the best quality food ingredients to be processed to wholesome food products. #BluebootsFarm #WholesomelyLocal

Blueboots at YUM Yoga

Sunday has never felt so good and giving back has never felt so easy! Thank you @yumindonesia for having us. We’ll be back for more bazaars! Stay tuned 🧘🏻‍♀️🎵. #BluebootsEvent #BluebootsFarm#WholesomelyLocal

Rainy Greens

Rainy seasons call for a good harvest on lettuces. Presenting our rainy greens: lettuces and bok choy! Ready to be dressed by a salad dressing of your choice! #BluebootsFarm #WholesomelyLocal

Blueboots Sunday Recipe: Potato Sorghum Salad

It’s easy to eat clean when it’s so good. Here’s a new #BluebootsSunday recipe with our farm-grown Sorghum perfect for sharing. 1. Cut potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots into 2cm chunks. 2. Toss in bowl with olive oil, taneuh’s fennel salt and curry leaves. 3. Bake till cooked and let it cool down. 4. While waiting for […]

30% Off All Webshop Products

Hi, Friends! It’s been beyond amazing having you help us grow throughout the years, and we are nothing short of grateful for you! Thank you for being a part of the journey – from the very beginning to the present – and for believing in us. There is, however, a long journey ahead of us, […]

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Better Fermented

What is Fermentation (noun) The process of lactofermentation in food. This process preserves the food and creates beneficial enzymes, boosts nutrients and minerals, along with various strains of probiotic. Update: we have fallen in love with fermented food. Not only do we love fermented food for its tangy taste, but also their many benefits for the […]

Towards a Fresh Start

How are you preparing yourself for the new year? Every morning we are reminded by the morning dew that it’s a fresh start. However, in the beginning of the year, we are reminded even more that we have to be better in the year to come.