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Fresh Edamame Available for Purchase!

How time flies. Our baby edamame sprout our now ready for harvest! We can’t wait to share this scrumptious yet nutritious snack. Simply boil or steam them in hot water and a touch of salt. You can eat it straight out, or keep it in the chiller for later. We like to use the boiled […]

Handy Tools for Your Garden

Happy Monday everyone! Today we would love to share with you some basic gardening tools that was inspired by our tools at the farm. These tools are the basic tools that you can get from general shops and they cover the basic needs for domestic gardening. 1. Trowel A trowel is basic tool used for […]

How to Order from Blueboots Farm Website

We suppose, one of the most exciting things about Blueboots Farm’s new website is the fact that you can order our products through the website. There are options between Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter to choose from, as well as Moringa powder and Pandan powder in stock most of the time. In some rare occasions, […]

Farm-style Peanut Butter Pancake

Ingredients 250 ml (130 gr) all purpose flour 1,5 tsp baking powder 85 gr light brown sugar 275 ml soy milk (or regular) 25 ml coconut oil 75 ml Blueboots creamy peanut butter   Method Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, baking powder, sugar) In another bowl, mix the milk, peanut butter […]

A Handy Farming Trick from Local Farmer

Sometimes we are so detached with nature that we do not realize that nature is there for us and not against us. The earth is filled with elements that naturally helps every microorganisms to survive easily. One handy trick to make sure plants in our garden grow healthily is to make sure we plant during […]

Exciting New Website!

Did you know that while we are sowing our land at the farm, we are also busy updating our website. Though our website is not the savviest, yet we think it’s pretty good for a farmer who spends lots of her time doing things hands on. If you are always curious about the people and […]

Mighty Moringa

The long-awaited Moringa Powder from Blueboots Farm has finally launched! With about 100 moringa trees at Blueboots Farm, we are able harvests moringa leaves weekly and dehydrate the nutrient-packed leaves into powder for easy consumption. We dehydrate the moringa leaves at 42 C degrees so as to retain as much nutrients as we can for […]

Cassava Chips at Olv Town

Thank you for visiting Blueboots Farm at Olv Town Market by @semasadikotatua. We are happy to meet many local creatives and enthusiasts in this beautiful old building. Displayed in the middle is our cassava chips grown, picked and passionately crafted at Blueboots farm. It takes 6 – 8 months for cassava to grow into the […]

Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen

For some of us, we might not have plenty of space to grow anything in our own home. We might live in apartment or tiny houses with no garden or backyard and sometimes not even a space for massive plant pots. If you have a free corner in your kitchen, chances are you will be […]

Kacang Koro is Growing Healthily

A new addition to our Blueboots’ biodiversity is Kacang Koro plant. It is delicious eaten fresh or sautéed simply with garlic. This beautiful legume plant will soon crawl its way up to get more sunlight and produce grow healthily. We have a plot of land that we dedicate to provide fresh vegetables for our farmers […]