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Hi, Friends! It’s been beyond amazing having you help us grow throughout the years, and we are nothing short of grateful for you! Thank you for being a part of the journey – from the very beginning to the present – and for believing in us. There is, however, a long journey ahead of us, […]

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Better Fermented

What is Fermentation (noun) The process of lactofermentation in food. This process preserves the food and creates beneficial enzymes, boosts nutrients and minerals, along with various strains of probiotic. Update: we have fallen in love with fermented food. Not only do we love fermented food for its tangy taste, but also their many benefits for the […]

Towards a Fresh Start

How are you preparing yourself for the new year? Every morning we are reminded by the morning dew that it’s a fresh start. However, in the beginning of the year, we are reminded even more that we have to be better in the year to come.

What a Year

This year, lots of things happened at Blueboots Farm that shaped us to what we are now. We are grateful for everyone who’s involved at the farm, for those who mentored us and for you who support us through your feedbacks and purchases. Please keep following our progress for the years to come! Remember to […]

Looking Back

This photo was taken back in early 2016. We can’t believe how far we have grown since then (literally!). Have you got any hopes for Blueboots Farm in the upcoming year? Perhaps more workshops or events? Keep in mind that we will be running more programs in 2018, including Corporate Events. Please feel free to […]

Basil for Pesto

Basil is a versatile herb to work with. They are not too challenging to grow yet basil can be used in so many dishes if not drinks. Mix basil with roasted pine nuts, olive oil and sea salt to turn it into homemade basil pesto. Keep it in a sterilized jar so you can use […]

Spiced Apple Recipe

Spiced apple is a versatile recipe for turning apples into a great side dish toppings for ice cream. The recipe truly brings out the flavor of apple and leads the taste buds into Christmas mood. Ingredients 1/2 cup butter or margarine 8 large Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, and sliced 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 […]