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Farmseries01: Kimchi-making Workshop

Having harvested some Daikon Radish while we were at the farm land, we had enough supply of Daikon Radish for our Kimchi-making Workshop. Mba Atie helped to prepare the ingredients so we headed right to the making process. The harvested Daikons were cleaned and cut into cubes. While the guests continued on their tour, Mba […]

Farmseries 01: Basic Planting Workshop

After we have went through the farm and forest area, we headed to the nursery to learn about basic planting. As everyone gathered in the nursery, Samantha went through the process of planting. We learned that healthy soil is the key to good produces, not the fertilizer. In the picture, we were mixing compost made […]

Our Very Own Heroes

Celebrating today’s “Hari Pahlawan”, we talked with Samantha to share about those people who she thinks are the real heroes for Blueboots Farm. These people are dearly close to Blueboots Farm and have influenced the farm in such way that shapes it to become what it is now. So who are these people? Bu Helianti […]

Farmseries01: Farm & Forest Walk

Everyone was settled, Ready to explore the farm and its surrounding. We had to begin the walk, Filling our lungs with fresh air and eyes wide open.   Blueboots Farm was divided into several plots where we plant different crops. Sometimes they rotated, sometimes they stayed the same. In this season, plot 1 was filled […]

Farmseries01: The Prep

It was the time to get back to nature, When the sun shows its majesty, Where the morning dew touches our bare skin, That’s when I appreciate the earth’s gift at most. When we had a chance to have people coming to Blueboots Farm, we never hesitated. Bringing more people to the farm means we […]

The “Tumpang Sari” Story

Planting different plants together does not only look pretty but finding the right combination of plants to plant together might just be the solution for a hassle-free garden. The right combination of different plants that is beneficial to each other is called companion planting. Companion planting is a way of growing different types of plants […]