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Growing This Funky Plant

This is the first time Blueboots Farm tried planting Daikon radish and we are pleasantly surprise how easily and quickly they grow. We started planting the radish seeds in seed trays filled with good compost, cocopeat and rice husks. After 2 weeks, the seeds sprouted baby seedlings ready to be planted into the soil. Alternatively, […]

The Season’s Best Produce

We have about 60 trees of clove trees in our mini forest. In June, the forest will be infatuated with the smell of cloves. It takes skills and experience to harvest cloves as the tree is tall and we do not want to break its branches. Farmers uses wooden ladder and a basket trap to […]

Gooey Peanut Butter Cookies

Been wanting to try a gluten free cookies? Try it with our flourless peanut butter cookie recipe! We recommend dipping it in hot milk if you need some midnight snack. Ingredients 1 cup Blueboots Farm Peanut Butter ¼ cup mix of brown & white sugar 1 egg 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 1 […]

Lemongrass as Traditional Remedy

Lemongrass has become one of our favourite plants. Believed to be a native plant of Indonesia, lemongrass or ‘sereh’ as how Indonesian normally call it, carries lots of benefits and has been used locally since a long time ago. It grows abundantly in Blueboots Farm (and everywhere else in Indonesia!), it has lots of benefits […]

Introducing Pak Yayan

Pak Yayan is born and raised in this very area where Blueboots Farm is located. He has spent most of his life shifting from plot to plot working on people’s plot of land to grow rice paddies, taro, cassava, sweet potatoes and many more. We are so blessed to have Pak Yayan on our team […]

4 Random Things that Grow in Blueboots Farm

At times when we wander around our farm, we found some things that we could not remember we have planted before. Without much care and maintenance, these plants grew healthily and productively to give us abundant food to eat. Our farmers sometimes came up with impromptu recipes around the day’s produce to become our meal […]

Rainy-Day Soup

If you have a slow cooker or a crock pot, this recipe will be super easy. Just dump all of the ingredients into the pot and let it cook on its own. Not only easy, this soup is also nutritious, which may help when you’re feeling under the weather. If you don’t have a slow […]

5 Tricks to Improve Your Soil

Ever wanting to have an edible garden of your own? Home garden filled with chillis, tomatoes, herbs and leafy vegetables at hand’s reach? Before going into details on how to plant, we need to improve the structure and fertility of the soil before planting plants into the ground. Like humans, plants need a balanced diet […]

What’s In Blueboots’ Peanut Butter

There are plenty peanut butters you can choose from out there, you have tasted lots of peanut butter out there, but have you tasted Blueboots Farm’s? Our peanut butter consists of the amazing natural produces which are good for your body. Most importantly the main ingredient, which is the peanut, is organically grown at Blueboots […]