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Why We Plant The Plants in Blueboots Farm

In order to understand the reasons why we plant the plants at Blueboots Farm, we first need to survey the characteristics and environment factors at the location. Blueboots Farm is located in the heart of Cijeruk, next to the alternative road leading to Sukabumi. Elevation at 450m above sea level and the soil is examined […]

Kimchi Daikon Radish

At Blueboots Farm, we have just harvested some beautiful radish. We handed some of them over to our Korean friends and they turned them into these tasty kimchi daikon radish. We would love to share this authentic Korean recipe for you to try at home! Ingredients 1kg of daikon radish 1 handful of sea salt […]

The Truth About Organic Farm

Ideally, planting food organically is strongly believed and recommended for safe and nutritious food. However, in this age and time, idealism in farming becomes further away and getting harder to reach. In this post, I will share why is it so hard to plant organically or sustainably in Indonesia? Why is the young generation leaving […]

When Creatives Gather

Tomorrow we will gather with fellow creatives at Kokken’s 1st anniversary. There will be pop up stalls, flea market and workshops held tomorrow so make sure you come early to get the best out of the event! Blueboots Farm will be bringing our seasonal products to the event which we love to share with you.

Seasonal Product: Tapai Singkong

Remember when we introduced you to Indonesian traditional use of cassava? Currently we are in our 14th days of fermenting the cassavas from the farm to turn it into beautiful and soft Tapai Singkong at this weekend’s event. This Tapai Singkong will be a part of our Seasonal Product collection, which will be released by […]

Indonesian Traditional Use of Cassava

Who doesn’t know cassava? Every parts from its roots to its leaves can be processed into various food, which make it very popular in Indonesian dishes and snack. The root has a delicate flavour and can be turned into flour that can be used in cookies, cakes or bread. Cassava is the third largest source […]

Welcoming Butternut Pumpkin

Butternut pumpkin, which is known in some places as butternut squash, can be utilized in so many ways from roasting to incorporating it into sweet dishes like muffins. Technically, it is a fruit, but because of its versatility and wide range of usage, butternut pumpkin is very popular as an ingredient for cooking. On top […]

Surely/Someday + Kitchen

Not so long ago, we met with Sun Wahyu from Surely/Someday + Kitchen, a Jakarta-based creative baker. We discussed with him about his philosophy in choosing his ingredients and his creative process. Not so long after that, we were making small batches of pandan powder for Surely/Someday + Kitchen to be incorporated in his products. […]

Watermelon Pizza

This time of the year, it is the best season to enjoy this fresh fruit, the watermelon! Blueboots Farm have come up with a special recipe to enjoy watermelon at its best, while keeping its freshness and adding it with a bit of a crunch for your homemade cocktail party. So here goes the recipe. […]