How It All Started.

Founded in 2015, Blueboots Farm is an organic farm located at the foot of Mount Salak in Cijeruk, Bogor. The fertile volcanic soil and pristine water source enable us to farm the best organic produces in the country. Our goal is simple: to supply wholesome, locally sourced, and sustainable food products.

The organic produces are then handpicked and freshly packaged for customers or turned into delicious and nutritious ready-to-eat food products.

But that’s not where we stop. We realise that being sustainable is also about balancing the cycle of people, planet, and profit. This is why we empower other local farmers to grow fresh produce alongside us to provide the best quality organic food to the market.
At the end of the day, what you choose matters. The way food is produced and consumed has and will become a testament to how we live. So let’s make a better choice for this earth, which has already given us so much.
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