How It All Started.

Founded in 2015, Blueboots Farm is located 30 minutes away from Bogor city in the island of Java, Indonesia. Our goal is simple: to supply good, locally sourced, organic, sustainable food products.

Though the goal may be simple, the means through which we aim to achieve is a road less preferred. Unlike those who attempt to bend nature to their will, we happily follow its lead. With our nearby processing facility we are able to harvest, store and process whatever in season.

But that’s not where we stop. We realise being sustainable is more on balancing the cycle of people, planet and profit. These wholesome products we’re trying to achieve is more than just good organic products. For it to be a wholesome product, it takes the whole village, from the self-sustaining farm which requires the craftsmanship of the Blueboots family who are driven by the ethical entrepreneurship and some fun, of course.
At the end of the day, what you choose matters. The way food is produced and consumed has and will become a testament to how we live. So lets make a better choice for this earth, which has given us so much.
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