A Basil Story

Basil is no stranger to Italian cuisine, nor to Asian cuisine. This herb is actually a part of mint’s family, Lamiaceae. The name “basil” itself derives from a Greek word “basileus”, which means “king.” Carrying a Latin name of Ocimum basilicum, basil has many varieties and called in different names in different part of the world. Those in Italian cuisine are usually Genovese basil, while the ones commonly used in Asian dishes are Thai basil, lemon basil or holy basil.

Basil is a popular companion plant to tomato. It is easy to sow from seed and is relatively easy to germinate. Grows best in warm environment with lots of sunlight, but try to keep it out of scorching midday sun. Basil is also a popular plant to grow at home or in pots because the don’t take much space at all and fairly easy to grow.

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