3 Tips for Women Who Want to Get Into Farming

Surprisingly, along our journey we have met some women in farming. For us, they give inspiration and show true grit of becoming a farmer, while balancing their role as a woman. Here are couple of tips for all women out there who are interested to get into farming or the agriculture sector.

  1. Spend some time on a working farm to get a feel of how a life as a farmer is. The farming imagined in your mind, might be entirely different from real life farming. Thus, involving in internship or volunteering in a farm, might help distinguish between farm fantasy and reality.
  2. Farming takes family support. Farming is a lifestyle that requires your time and energy. Therefore, the whole family has to be able to understand or be involved together in order for you to feel at ease to start farming
  3. Be part of a farming community. Best support system when you need help!


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